“My wife and I have been to many marriage seminars or conferences, and we feel we got more out of your presentation than any of those. We love you…for what you do, and may God continue to bless both of you so that you can do this for many years to come.”

“This seminar was great, and the prayer blessing circles at the end were incredible…and lives were changed. I very nearly broke down when it was our turn to share and my wife said, “I have been numb for so long, and I am now starting to feel again.” 

“My husband is a new man after the weekend retreat. He has his faith back and the cloud has lifted. He is so full of love. Thank you for leading us in such a life-changing weekend.”

“My wife…and I really enjoyed talking with you and the other couple … Often I would surprise myself by reacting negatively to a certain situation with the attitude of a child. I now know why this is happening, and what can be done to heal those soul wounds that I did not even know that I had.” 

 “Thank you… for all your prayers, thoughtfulness and elbow grease in planning this wonderful retreat. We’ve never experienced anything so powerful …”

“Since we arrived home from the weekend, I’ve sensed a ‘long time existing’ … invisible, undefinable wall has dissolved that had separated my heart from [my husband] — that I was kind of aware of, but didn’t have it defined and therefore, not addressed. Amazing and wonderful! And the really neat thing … I feel, sense a closeness, awareness of Jesus, at a higher, more intimate level than I’ve experienced before. Really interesting. Can’t quite describe it. Very pleasant.”

“[My wife] and I have been on an extremely rough road for the past year and a half… were on the verge of separation. My parents encouraged me to give God a chance to work.  Now that we have been to the workshop, we both have a better understanding of how to best help each other heal from past soul wounds… It is incredible to see God working through you…in such a helpful, healing way.”

 “Our drive home was rich with conversation about the weekend. We so appreciate all you are doing for marriages and marvel at the fruit God is producing through the two of you. We loved learning more about the healing of soul wounds.”

“The Lord has given the two of you such a sensitivity to the Spirit and the needs of others. There is a sweetness in your presence. Bob, you present the concepts with deep understanding and personal application. [The] real life application is transparent and real.”

 “God has definitely gifted you to minister to the hearts and minds of people… Thank you!”