Fresh Start Marriage Seminar

Coming in January 2017

Workshop Topics

Soul Healing Love

Replacing Anger with Compassion

This workshop provides a unique blend of practical tools and strategies to create harmony and deeper, richer love in your marriage. The content of this event is based on the nationally-recognized work of Drs. Tom and Beverly


A Pathway to Marital Peace  

Keys for Achieving an Exceptional Marriage

This workshop helps couples to honestly assess their relationship and learn new skills to counteract destructive patterns of self sabotage and build an extraordinary marriage. The Bakers combine their own unique understanding of spiritual tools available to couples with nationally-recognized research to create trust and intimacy.


Becoming a Family That HealsInstead of Hurts

This workshop is an adaptation of the Baker’s popular event known as “Soul Healing Love–Replacing Anger with Compassion” and draws from the work of Drs. Tom and Beverly Rodgers, authors of the best-selling book, “Becoming a Family That Heals,” published in 2009 by Focus on the Family.

This life-giving time of encouragement gives you practical tools to replace destructive patterns of communication with positive ones to build a firm foundation that leads to healing and restoration not only for your immediate family but for past and future generations“


 Loving Communication 101

Becoming a Safe and Secure Connector in Marriage

This workshop is inspired by the work ofMilanand Kay Yerkovich, authors of the best-selling book, “How We Love.” It contains a smorgasbord of wisdom which helps couples self-diagnose and correct unhealthy patterns of communication. The Bakers, teaching out of their own experience of many years, share real life stories of how couples overcame obstacles to loving communication.


How to Live Happily Ever After

 “The Four ‘P’s’ For Achieving An Exceptional Marriage”

As the Bakers have worked with hundreds of couples over a span of almost 40 years, they have identified four distinctive characteristics of couples who have thriving marriages. Out of this research they offer a fast-moving, interactive discussion of the Four “P’s” for achieving an exceptional marriage: Playing, Pampering, Pursuing, and Praying. The Bakers share their key for adding these four practices to your marital lifestyle: to “think small and think often,” making it easy to put the fun and romance back into your marriage.


Fresh-Start Leadership Training Workshops

Periodically, the Bakers host and conduct leadership training weekends for couples engaged in local church marriage and family ministries. “We believe strongly that everything we do should have a reproductive dynamic. We aren’t getting any younger, and we love seeing younger couples come beside us, learn what we know and then leave us in the dust as God helps them to excel…,” says Bob.